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BitIRA was founded in 2017 to create better solutions for opening Digital IRAs account for the public. Birch Gold Group founded BitIRA and they have more than 100 years of experience in allocating assets in people IRA’s. They are one of the best companies in digital management and setup of the IRA.  BitIRA is the best combination of tradition and innovation. It is an advanced Bitcoin IRA platform to secure your future by funding the retirement account with cryptocurrency. It provides numerous useful features to its clients. This company offers best and high security and a wide range of cryptocurrency choices. It has an advanced portal for currency exchange, and the clients can easily switch bank between a variety of assets without any difficulty. BitIRA has several features which set it apart from other similar companies. They do not charge fees for selling a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The reporting abilities of the company are -very good and the clients can also access the history of all the transactions which run through their IRA account. All the details are available on the online platform and it provides detailed reports which other companies do not offer.


BitIRA The Essential Guide to Digital IRAs Management:

Andy Klein is a key person in this company and he is associated with both BitIRA and Birch Gold Group. He is the Director of Strategic Planning for both these companies. He also served as a Birch’s Marketing director and he is also a finance council member in Forbes. Not much information is shared about the management team of the company and Andy is the only key person.

Services offered by BitIRA:

BitIRA always stay ahead of its competitors and it offers maximum features. It keeps investor education on a high priority and it gives great attention to the clients and their satisfaction.

Best and maximum Security:

BitIRA puts the security of the platform and data above anything else. Digital wallets suffered from privacy breaches and they are always attached to security concerns. But this company offers cold wallet storage, which means that everything is stored offline in individual hardware for every client. The hardware devices are stored in the vault in 24/7 security of armed personnel and cameras. They also guarantee the security of funds with complete end to end insurance and advanced encryption. It is a well-regulated company and the funds are secured with US regulatory governance and registration.

BitIRA offers Multi-sig wallets, personal hardware devices, real cold storage, CCSS compliance and end to end insurance.

US Law Compliant:

There are lots of people who still don’t know that they can use bitcoin and other alternatives to fund their retirement accounts. BitIRA is associated with an Equity trust company and the account of investor are only handled by licensed and well-regulated custodians. It will ensure that the investor IRS compliant and it will also complete other administrative duties for the investor. The company insures up to 3.75 million dollars deposits.

Easy to Use:

If the customer has little knowledge of retirement accounts and digital currencies, then BitIRA can be very easy to use. Customers can learn on this platform as well and they will get a better understanding with time and the company always prioritizes investor education. It has a simple and easy to use interface and most of the customers don’t have any kind of problem with the portal. The features are easy to understand and customer support is only one call away.

Customer Support

BitIRA provides 24/7 customer supports to all its clients. The company ensures that they don’t confuse the new investor with difficult terms and they focus on investor education. They have a team of digital currency specialists and IRA specialists who are ready to help the investors at any time. The company ensures that they provide a transparent system and assistance with all the transactions.

How to open an BitIRA Account?

The investor needs to visit the official website to open an account on this platform. The company has extra employees just to assist investors and they act as an interface between the account custodians and customers. Their IRA department helps at every step and opening account here is not very difficult or time taking. BitIRA also utilizes other leaders in this industry to ease the account opening process and this includes asset purchasing, custodial management, maximum security, cold storage for digital currency and live trading. The main custodian is Preferred trust company and it handles all the client accounts.

Pros of BitIRA

  • The option of Account rollover and funding
  • Funds are stored offline and in cold storage wallet
  • Best for long-term investment
  • Gains are tax-deferred.

Cons of BitIRA

  • The waiting period can be high for setting up account and investment time.
  • The minimum investment is higher than other companies.

BitIRA Storage

BitIRA takes the storage very seriously for digital currencies. The firm focusses on the highest level of security and they also offer instant and seamless insurance cover for all the clients’ assets which they have stored. The company utilizes offline and cold storage for storing the currencies and they require multi-sig authentication. They also take the extra step by registering with the US government. This company is committed to transparency and safety.


BitIRA Products

BitIRA offer a wide range of IRA-permitted digital currencies for clients to invest in. It provides the option of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, and Z Cash. The client can invest and trade any time in the largest digital assets from anywhere and from one single platform.

The company offers two types of IRA account: traditional and Roth IRA. Customers can select any one of them and assets are not limited to cryptocurrencies only. Customers can also store assets like stocks, bonds and other similar assets.

BitIRA Customer Relations

BitIRA has a passionate and dedicated team to provide the best assistance with IRA. Here are some of the most important reasons which customers mention in their highly rated reviews.

All the clients get lifetime customer support team of dedicated and always available people. They are always ready to ease the process of account opening and handling. They keep customers updated and don’t step back from assisting the customers.

Customers also consider BitIRA as the best and most secure digital currency IRA. The reason behind this tag is the complete insurance of the assets and offline storage which is not offered by other players in this market.

All the customers of this company are managed by the best custodians in the market right now. The level of expertise is very high and most of them are very happy with Equity Trust Company and Preferred Trust Company.

Another thing which customers love about BitIRA is “zero fees to sell the assets”. Other companies charge up to 5% fee to sell cryptocurrencies but here the charges are zero which is a unique selling point of this company.

The official website of the company is filled with thousands of customer reviews and every customer has rated it highly. It is also one of the most important reasons for its high popularity across the globe.

BitIRA Pricing

Creating an account on this platform is free. There are custodial fees which customers need to pay for a retirement account. Custodial fee can depend on different factors like the size of the account and it is determined by custodians which are associated with the company. They work with custodians like Equity trust company and preferred trust company. They offer services on very low custodial fees when compared to the competitors in the market. Pricing is based on an account basis and the clients can contact the customer support staff to get complete and deep knowledge about the system.


The best time to plan for retirement is today and it is also the right time to jump into the world of digital currencies. BitIRA is an advanced and innovative platform for opening IRA and funding is very easy on this platform. It provides some unique features which separate this company from other players in the market. This company is managed by a group who has experience of more than 100 years in the similar field. The company also provides extra flexibility by giving the option of selling and trading different cryptocurrencies on a single platform without extra charges. Customers get world-class security and 24/7 expert customer support staff. New investors can gain lots of investment knowledge and the account opening process is simple as well. They have satisfied almost all their customers and this is a rare thing in this market.

BitIRA is the market leader when it comes to IRA and its security. They have a wide range of products to offer. Its high-level security is always appreciated by the customers but the pricing is also on a higher side than other companies. When security is the most important concern and the plan is for long-term investment, then it is the best company for opening the IRA account.


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