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Club Swan Crypto to Cash

If you are looking for a banking membership platform for cryptocurrencies and other traditional currencies. You can also save up to 40% on holiday or business travels, personal shopping and other private events. Club Swan Crypto to Cash is an advanced membership platform. All the financial services through Nvayo and it is not a bank. It gives you the option of instantly buying, selling and spend the cryptocurrency at a very low rate. You can also spend more than 150 traditional currencies with Club Swan debit card. It offers bank transfer services and it is better than popular banks. You can also take advantage of other amazing offers and save lots of money every time. Read the complete review for more details and then make your decision.

About Club Swan Crypto to Cash:

Club Swan is an advanced membership service platform which offers crypto-accounts, and several discounts for travel and hotel booking. You can improve financial status and it will also offer concierge 24*7 services, global shopping and discounted tickets. This platform also supports crypto wallets. The company provides you with 24/7 customer care support. They are always ready to handle all the inquiries and needs at any point in time. The customer support representatives are present in different languages as well. You can easily contact them through the android or iOS app as well or through a simple member portal on the web. You can also contact them if you are new to this platform and want to become a member here. You can ask any kind of question about the processes and services. They will help you in the best way every time and you will not face any issue. All the members will get the best travel deals and shopping support from Club Swan. It has many other amazing features which are discussed below.


What do you get with Club Swan Crypto to Cash?

For Cryptocurrencies: the members can easily buy and sell the cryptocurrencies at a low rate at any time. You can also spend them anywhere or transfer to some other wallet. You can use the Club Swan Crypto to Cash card to spend your crypto money and everything can be easily done from a single platform. You will get the independence of using cryptocurrencies anywhere and without any hassle. Handling cryptocurrencies will no longer be an issue. This company will offer other amazing services and benefits which any other company can never show. Here are some of the features:

  • The fee is very low and it starts at 0.5%. You will also get instant access to live rates of OTC.
  • You will always get one easy rate for buying and selling your crypto money. There is no hidden prices and margins while using the services.
  • Spend the cryptocurrencies seamlessly with your Club Swan debit card. It provides you with the best opportunity to turn your cryptocurrencies into the traditional currency without any hassle.
  • You have the simple and quick transfers from one wallet to another wallet.
  • It will also allow transferring between Club Swan members.
  • You can easily buy or share 9 different cryptocurrencies on this platform like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, BAT, Paxos, USD Coin and EOS.
  • Club Swan also gives 24*7 customer support.

For Traditional Currencies: Club Swan Crypto to Cash account is highly flexible because you can also access multiple traditional currencies on this platform and real-time exchange rates are also shown on the portal. You can complete bank transfers and you will get a metal debit card which will allow the customers to spend in more than 150 different types of traditional currencies across the world. Here are some of the extra features:

  • It will always show live and real-time currency exchange rates.
  • Exchange rates for bank transfers are 4 to 8% better than all other banks.
  • Members can easily transfer funds from an account with SEPA, SWIFT, Fed wire payments as well.
  • Spend more than 150 currencies in any part of the world with your Club Swan debit card.
  • It will also allow withdrawal from international ATM. The daily limit for withdrawal is set at $1500.
  • You get the option of free transfers between Club Swan members.
  • Customer support representatives are always there to help.

For Concierge Services: Club Swan has a separate concierge team which will help in saving your time and money in several instances. It will give you free access to exclusive travel deals and you can save up to 40% every time you travel. You can book hotels, cheap flights and it can be used for personal shopping as well. You can get early access to VIP events and you will enjoy unique experiences if you are a member. Here are some important features:

  • It can help in saving up to 40% at the time of flight booking and hotel booking.
  • It will also give access to discounted rates on first-class air tickets.
  • It will help in private transfers.
  • It can be used for luxury car rentals.
  • Club Swan card can help in saving money at the time of personal shopping as well.
  • You can buy luxury products at a discounted price.
  • It will also give access to concerts, private events and exclusive activities.
  • You can also take help from live 24/7 customer support people.


Why Club Swan Crypto to Cash?

There are various reasons to join Club Swan Crypto to Cash right now and here we have discussed some of them:

Fully Transparent and Safe:

Club Swan is 100% transparent and there are no hidden margin or charges on the exchange rates. There is only one simple low rate for buying and selling. You will not have to pay any special or extra charge while using their services and your experience will always be seamless.

Savings up to 40% on Travel:

Club Swan can help in saving lots of money if you are planning to go on a trip. It can help in getting cheap flight tickets and better hotel deals than Expedia or You can enjoy the trips in the best way with a Club Swan debit card and you will get lots of other amazing discounts.

Quick and Instant crypto Conversion:

You can easily convert the cryptocurrencies into more than 150 traditional currency instantly. You can spend cryptocurrency easily with your Club Swan card. You can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies hassle-free on this platform.

24/7 Customer Support:

Customer support representatives are available to help at any point in time. They will try to resolution all the problems. You can also contact them for more information or to clear your doubts about this membership platform. They will always try to provide you with the best help and they are experts in their field of work.

Real Money Rewards:

You can also earn rewards by referring this app to other friends and the reward will be directly credited to the bank account.

Better Exchange Rates:

Club Swan gives access to better traditional currency exchange rates. Here the rates are 4-8% less than other high street banks.

Club Swan Crypto to Cash Reviews:

The reviews for this platform are very good and our team has verified several testimonials and reviews. People are satisfied with the services and they have received real money rewards in their accounts. Almost every member has given a positive review and it is the reason for its high popularity across the globe. They all suggest this platform to others as well. Here are a couple of testimonials from verified members.

Clare, 48 years – I didn’t know about any platform where I can handle both crypto and traditional currencies. Club Swan is the platform where I was able to transfer money easily. I regularly buy and sell cryptocurrencies and this platform is very good for that. It is easy to use and the performance is amazing as well. I never faced any kind of major issue with this platform. Customer care people are kind and they always help in the best way. It is the reason I love to use this platform regularly and would love to recommend it to others as well.

Pinto, 31 years – I travel frequently and Club Swan has helped in saving thousands of dollars. I booked easy and cheap flights every month. I was able to book hotels at a cheaper price as well. I am very happy with all the services and my wife is also a member of this portal. It is the right platform to earn extra rewards while shopping and travel. It is completely safe to use and I have already recommended it to other friends.


Club Swan Crypto to Cash is the best and innovative membership platform with several exciting benefits. All the above-mentioned benefits can be taken at a very low price. You can check the real pricing system on the official website. They have four types of membership plans: starter, premier, VIP and chairman. You get different benefits in every type of membership. It has thousands of happy members across the globe. It will make the crypto liquidation very simple and you will enjoy shopping and travel in the best way if you have the membership card in hand.


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