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Profit Builder

The goal of every business site is to generate traffic. But the traffic is not useful if that does not convert to a product purchase. Conversions are important than traffic every time. Owners hire professionals for this work and they spend lots of time designing and testing the landing page to increase the number of conversions. Everyone does not have the budget to hire professionals and get this work done. Some people do not have so much time to complete these things. Custom template option is also available but that is expensive and can be difficult to maintain. This problem can be solved by Profit Builder easily. It is a WordPress plugin that can be used to create landing pages for your business. In this plugin, you get differently customized and professionally designed templates. You can easily design your landing page with the help of a drag and drop editor. All the templates available on this site are templates, you will also get the templates for the about us page, contact page, the home page, coming soon, webinar page, member portal page, affiliate, product review pages, and many others as well.

Profit Builder is the best tool to build any type of marketing page within a few minutes. Developers have spent lots of time building this plugin for everyone. It is created by experienced and expert engineers. This incredible system can help in marketing and it comes with high flexibility and a huge library of complete marketing page templates. You can easily use any of them to start the marketing campaign and you can build pages from scratch within a few minutes. It gives you more than 60 options for different types of pages for the website.

Profit Builder

What is Profit Builder?

Profit Builder is a unique and smart marketing website page creating a plugin that gives the option of drag and drop. It gives you different options for creating different pages for the website. It has pre-done marketing page templates which can help in building a landing page in a few clicks only. You can also grow your online business with this tool and it is the best way to increase conversions on your website. It can be used for creating customized pages for any type of marketing campaign. It gives templates for lead generation as well. If you can drive traffic on the right landing page, then your revenue will automatically grow. People have different strategies for driving great traffic and this is the option for converting the visitors into customers.

If you want to make your website look professional and attractive, then design it with the help of Profit Builder. You can create a viral site with the help of this WordPress plugin. It can be used with any self-hosted WordPress site, and you can use any theme. These marketing pages will work for all screen sizes and devices. You can build any kind of marketing page which you imagine. If you are not happy with the current page, then it is the best way to design it without the need of any professional. The simple drag and drop feature make it easy for anyone to design 100% optimized and attractive landing pages. Profit Builder is designed for the best site ranking and the pages will be 100% SEO optimized.

How Profit Builder can help you?

After installing WordPress and all the favorite plugins, you can install the Profit Builder plugin and theme. After activation of this plugin and theme, you need to install some extra plugins. You can do this in 2 clicks only and there is no need for any extra configuration. After setting this up, you can simply make a new marketing page just like you can make with any WordPress blog or website. You can save it as a draft before you start the drag and drop feature. You can publish the site before even designing it. This way you can observe the changes happening in real-time when you start designing it with Profit Builder.

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IMSC MagNet: It is another lead generation tool that will help in accessing the pre-done templates. This way you can increase the social media following and lead generation. It might help in growing the email subscriptions.

IMSC Rapid Mailer: It is a powerful autoresponder system and it will enhance the results of Profit Builder.

IMSC PingFresh: This plugin can be used to increase the search engine ranking and it will increase the number of conversions as well. It will improve the social footprint.

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Profit Builder

Features of Profit Builder:

You have the option of building any type of website page within a few minutes. Here are some amazing features of using this tool:

Lead Generation: It gives special pages for lead generation and if you want to increase the email subscribers list, then it will help uniquely.

High-Conversion: You can boost the conversions in your business if you create professional and attractive pages with this tool. You can increase sales with the high-conversion templates available with it.

Authority Blogs: If you are using this plugin on your website, then it will show high-quality and professionalism. All the visitors will be happy after coming on your page and the bounce rate will automatically go down.

Sales Pages: Create a high-quality sales page that can attract customers easily and you can earn money in a better way. Profit Builder gives a better way of promoting the pages.

Webinar Pages: You can make awesome webinar pages that can be used for all the online events you are conducting. This way your page will reach maximum target people and all over the world.

About pages and Review Pages: Make some amazing looking about us and product review pages to build a reputation and this way you can increase the business.

Who is Profit Builder for?

It can be used by anyone and you don’t have to be an experienced developer for creating a professional and SEO-optimized page. It is made for: Blogging, Product review pages, online marketing page, product owners, affiliate marketing.

Pros of Profit Builder

  • This plugin is priced affordably when you compare it to other plugins and here you get the option of one-time pricing.
  • Feature of drag and drop.
  • Different pages for a different purpose.
  • Professional looking and customised pages for marketing and boosting the conversion rate.
  • Reduce loading speed of website pages.
  • You can increase the email subscribers list.
  • Get 100% SEO-optimized pages and that will help in increasing the site rankings.
  • It can be used with your existing theme.

Cons of Profit Builder

  • Too many options for a novice user.
  • There is very little documentation for this plugin.

Profit Builder

Profit Builder Pricing:

It comes with 3 different pricing plans. You can go to the official site to see the detailed comparison between all the plans. Here are they:

Basic plan- $47

In this plan, you get support for 3 personal websites. High conversion templates, 12 months support and future updates. It has many other features as well.

Standard plan- $67

In this plan, you get all the features in the basic plan and here you get support for up to 10 personal sites. Everything else is the same as per the basic plan.

Pro plan: $67.67

It is the most popular page and you get support for up to 50 websites. It has all the features which are in the basic or standard plan. Here you get extra features like split testing, automatic optimization, funnel builder and analytics.


If you are highly interested in building a great business by creating high-conversion marketing pages. Profit Builder is the best option for you if you want to increase the conversion rate and you want to create attractive and optimized marketing pages. It also gives you an option to boost the website rankings which can help in increasing the high-quality and organic traffic. You can invite visitors from all over the world and you can create a beautiful and professional landing page for any purpose. You have over 130 templates for different types of pages. You get the features that are not available anywhere. It will help in reducing the loading speed of the website and here you get the option of drag and drop for creating the pages. Now there is no need to hire professionals for increasing the conversion rate because you can do this yourself in a few clicks.

Profit Builder

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