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The News Spy

If you are looking for a fantastic and reliable automatic trading platform for cryptocurrency. The News Spy is the perfect place where you can register without any charges and it can analyse the market data with milliseconds with more than 95% accuracy.  The cryptocurrency market is not for everyone but if you have access to the right application for trading then you can earn money every day. The number of trading robots is increasing in the market and The News Spy has the most advanced algorithms which can analyse market data with higher accuracy and quickly.

The software has received amazing user feedback and the members are extremely happy with the service. It gives you the opportunity of making bigger profits without any expertise in the domain. You do not have to spend any big amount of money and you do not need any prior experience. You can simply register on the official website and learn about some basic features of this platform. Set some basic parameters and it will place all the trades itself.Read more about this software in this review.

About The News Spy

The News Spy is one of the most intelligent automated trading platforms for the cryptocurrency market. It is developed by a successful cryptocurrency trader whose name is John Mayer. A team of software engineers also helped him to develop this advanced software. It can make accurate predictions after analyzing the previous market trends and current news. This trading bot can place the trades quickly and automatically. Your investment will go to the right place automatically.

It verifies every detail which the new members enter in the registration form. The withdrawals on this platform are seamless and quick. Withdrawal requests are processed within a day after the complete verification.

The News Spy

How The News Spy Works?

It can also be called the news intelligence hub and it gives the best predictions by analyzing the news collection and human analysis. The performance of The News Spy is very high and it has a dedicated analysis team that can analyze every report carefully and they ensure that the best quality content is sent every time. This tool can do all the hard work and you just need to set some basic parameters in the beginning. There is no requirement of any kind of expertise in this field and it is backed by algorithms of blockchain and machine learning for the best performance.

How to Use The News Spy?

You can easily use the live trading feature of the software and you just have to register yourself on the official website first. It is completely free of cost and signup is available only for a limited time.

Step 1:  Registration

It is always the first step to join any kind of automatic trading platform. A simple form is available on the main website of the company and you have to fill that form on the homepage.  Enter all details correctly so that they can be successfully verified in the future.  You will also receive an activation link on the email address and after clicking on that link you can activate the account and set a strong password.

 Step 2:  Depositing of Funds

If you want to trade live, you have to deposit the minimum amount in the beginning. $250 is the minimum amount that you can deposit in your trading account and you can choose any major payment mode to transfer the money.  They are accepting cryptocurrency from a limited number of users only but you can always use MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Paypal, WebMoney bank transfer. You can only unlock all the features after you successfully deposit the money in your trading account.You will be associated with a regulated broker of the area after completing the deposit.

Step 3: Trading with the Practice Account

You will get access to the demo count and you can easily trade with virtual money. You will get familiar with all the features of this platform and you will know how it is going to work for you as well. You can understand the features and you can continue with the live trading if you are comfortable with this amazing platform.

Step 4:  Automatic Trading

The News Spy allows you to use the automatic robot for trading live. It can analyse the market condition in the best possible way and you will not have to experience any kind of problem. You can set the limit in the morning for the money you want to spend in the market today.  Set some risk management parameters and you are ready to go.

Step 5:  Withdrawal of Profits

Withdrawing money is very simple and you have to fill a simple request form on the dashboard. The money is directly transferred to your bank account within 24 hours and you can also take the help of customer care people if you are experiencing any kind of problem.

What are the Major Benefits of Using News Spy?

Here we have mentioned the list of benefits that you will enjoy with this trading application.

Earn money without any technical skill – The manual trading process requires long practice and experience. But you can easily use this application without any kind of expertise or experience because it can trade automatically. You just have to deposit the funds and set some basic parameters.

High Success Rate – The winning percentage of this platform is very high and the winning percentage of this platform is very high and it will earn profit in every 9 out of 10 trades. It has more than 98% accuracy.

Demo trading option – You can try all the features in the demo account and you can easily see how the real cryptocurrency market trading is working without putting your own money to risk.

24/7 Experienced Customer Service – Customer representatives are always available to help you and they can assist you at any point in time.  You can also reach them through the live chat option available in the software.

The News Spy


How much money do I need to start my trading account?

$250 Is the minimum amount you can invest in the beginning and there are no extra registration fees so you are using the software completely free of cost. You can also deposit a bigger amount but it is generally advised to start with the minimum amount only.

Is The News Spy a Scam?

We have already verified several features of this platform and we have found that this software is completely legit. It has received amazing feedback from the past users and they are also recommending it. The customer support staff is very responsive and kind as well.

How much Time it will take to Process my Withdrawal Requests?

Your withdrawal will not take more than 24 hours and you just have to fill a request form that is given inside the software. The money will be directly transferred to the bank account and you can also take the help of customer support staff if you face any problem.

Pros of The News Spy

  • High reputation
  • Abig number of payment options
  • Amazing user feedback and security
  • Responsive customer support
  • Efficient Withdrawal system
  • Accurate trading predictions

The News Spy Customer Testimonials

Sarah, 33 years – The News Spy is the perfect place where you can invest your money. I have made over $1000 in a week. I only invested the minimum amount in the beginning and I was able to see earnings from day one. I made lots of money in the last couple of months and my colleagues are also using it after seeing me earning money.

Dean, 46 years – I was trying to find a fault in The News Spy but I was completely unsuccessful. I was trying to write a report which can prove that it is a scam but I started using it consistently and never faced any problem. I have to admit that it is one of the best trading platforms in the market today and it can provide an amazing investment opportunity to anyone.

Clarke, 32 years – I love using The News Spy. I never thought I would be financially independent so easily. I am earning $500 almost every day. I am easily earning money while sitting at home with my children and I do not have to worry about my extra source of income anymore. The cryptocurrency market can be made very easy if you are trading with this amazing software and I have also recommended it to my other friends.

The News Spy


The News Spy is an excellent trading platform and it has a high reputation in the market as well. It is the only trading software that has received so many awards from the US trading Association. Earning profit everyday will not be difficult anymore and you can withdraw your profits directly into the bank account quickly. The customer service team is also available to help you at any point in time and they can resolve almost all your queries. There are limited openings only to join this trading platform so you should hurry and register today.

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